The first product to deliver a repeatable Building Controls start up and commissioning solution

Product Highlights

  • Manage both the Automated Testing of sequences and the workflow for point-to-point testing, system startup and commissioning.
  • Upload BACnet BMS points database from supported BMS platforms.
  • Designed by Software Engineers for Building Management System experts.
  • Direct Cloud or Local Connection to BMS via BACnet IP and supported technologies.
  • Script based, highly reusable and repeatable testing.
  • Model any testing scenario easily with our proprietary BMS testing.
  • Test creation(s) built in cloud editor or using a simple text file editor and spreadsheet CSV files.

What users are saying about AutoCXI

“Our engineers have gone from trying to keep up with their work to driving our success. The company has doubled its commissioning workload without adding a single engineer.”

“We are able to focus our resources on the specific systems that are generating defects rather than the repetitive commissioning processes”

“We have used other systems that just give us forms and lists to track the manual testing. AutoCxI allows us to model and run repeatable test scenarios. It’s a game changer!”

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What AutoCXI will do for you!

Significantly reduces commissioning and testing costs

Improves the quality and repeatability of commissioning and testing, delivering client satisfaction and retention

Provides needed detail audit and history of commissioning and testing process

Is easily configured and used by the team you already have

Where does AutoCXI (AI) ROI come from?

1.  Testing with an Operator working at the front-end  requires manual repetitive process, error prone, operators forget to put setpoints and overrides back to normal. Operators tend to test multiple things at the same time and make mistakes, breadth of test is generally many more when its automated.

2. To correctly test, many times, you are waiting for something to cool down or heat-up.  Testing if a valve is really closed after its opened, for the operator to sit and wait is massive waist of resources. Generally, they test other things and run many tests at the same time to be productive and its error prone.

3. In practice you test partially, potential address issues and continue testing. Iterative testing time is very wasteful. AutoCXI can re-run tests over and over without taking any human resources, except reading the results.

4. Frequently pressure on control contractor to complete startup BEFORE mechanical systems are ready. This means executing tests piecemeal, which auto CXI does very well. If contractor waits until everything is “ready”, the number of resources needed are frequently prohibitive. We have found so many times for example something is tested and working and then as more work is performed it “breaks”. Why: Reasons, balancers adjust valves, close hand valves, etc. DDC technicians make mistakes, software revisions by programmers break something.

5. Very difficult to close BMS jobs. Managers tend not to be fully accurate for the pre-startup, startup and formal commissioning phases “STATUS”. Manage your project and teams by testing results not guestimates. Point-Point testing phase, I/O valves and actuators, sequence of operation(s) for scenarios, alarm testing. By understanding the testing results of each Phase, it is drastically easier to predict and manage the remaining resources on the job.

6. Some control contractors have challenging relationships with CAX Agents. Contractors frequently need to put top talent to get a job signed off. Having confidence that BMS is tested, having evidence, allows comfort to push back on CAX, show test results and avoid CAX tendency to show worth through generating large volumes of paper.

7. During punch list, we frequently find technicians start at the top of the list and progress through the list without regard to importance. AutoCXI makes it easy to export work lists which have been prioritized by project manager, putting resources on what is important to the control contractor.

8. Measuring and correcting defects in a formal way allows control contactor to see performance of individual team members providing transparency at senior levels.

9. Over time ROI increases as contractor has testing scripts libraries customized in a way similar to sequence customization.

10. Commissioning/Startup is Expensive – See Project1, Project2 establishes a range from 10% for commercial office space- and 25%  for lab work.

11. How many resources are translated to excessive warranty costs because they where not addressed during startup.

12. Revenue opportunity for Continuous Commission and related on-going post construction services.

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